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Low down and dirty with Gerite

Low down and dirty with Gertie – Part 4 – The final installment

The carpenters have gone, the plumber has gone, the electrician has gone and the window fitter has gone too. EVERYONE has GONE!  And we have moved in. We’ve been here for ten wonderful nerve…


Ear wigging, a guilty secret.

In 2011 MBO and I came second in the The Observer and Jonathan Cape Graphic Short Compeition, I was interviewed for  the magazine Arise, by Carinya Sharples, in an article entitled On the buses. During the…

New Adventures in Quilting

New Adventures in Quilting – in 250 words or less!

Sewing is my creative haven. Where I go when I can’t find the head space to draw.  My lack of posting does not reflect the level of activity in the studio. I’m in…

The Return Of The  Mother: Featured Image

The Return Of The Mother

So the year long hiatus is over. “What have you been doing?” I hear my three Followers cry. Well… I finished the boat renovation, moved in, started learning  Yorùbá  and produced ANOTHER boy!……

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